The human eye is encoded to constantly seek out balance. Objects that are in the correct proportion are perceived by the human eye as pleasing or even beautiful. Classic architecture, statues, works of art, and even the most beautiful faces in the world are commonly heralded as magnificent because they each exhibit a perfect balance that humans can subconsciously calculate. This perfect balance is referred to by scholars as "The Golden Ratio." Through her in-depth studies of art, architecture, and engineering, Anastasia Soare discovered a way to naturally bring balance to the face, and apply the laws of the Golden Ratio for everyone.

The Golden Ratio in itself represents balance and proportion, and Anastasia Soare was the first to apply this principle to one of the most prominent features on the human face, brows. Her trademarked "Golden Ratio" technique creates balance in the entire face using the eyebrows as the staring point. Ideally, the face can be sectioned into thirds. The first section is from the top of the forehead to the top of the eyebrows. The second is from the top of the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose. The third section is from the top of the Cupid's bow to the bottom of the chin. Ideally, all three sections should be the same length. Furthering this idea of balance, the ideal face shape is said to be 2/3 as wide as it is long, and symmetrical on both sides.

Taking all of these complex factors into consideration, Anastasia discovered the easiest way to balance every face was through applying the Golden Ratio to the brows. Her signature technique calculates the exact starting and ending points in conjunction with the ideal arch for each individual face. These three points are the first step in creating symmetry and proportion in the features. Following her dream to make this system accessible for everyone, Anastasia created a set of five patented Stencils that demonstrate the ideal brow shape for every type of face. No matter what features the individual possesses, the stencils work with the Golden Ratio and natural bone structure to create an ideal custom brow for every person.

"The Golden Ratio technique uses the eyebrows as the starting point for beauty. Properly proportioned eyebrows frame the entire face, and help bring balance and symmetry to all of your features."
After mastering the application of her Golden Ratio to the brows, Anastasia continued with sculpting and framing the rest of the face with her color line. Using the principles of balance and proportion, Anastasia created bronzers, shadows, and glosses that could be used to enhance, highlight, contour, tone, and even minimize certain features to bring them into the ideal proportion.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills beauty philosophy is that Beauty is Basic. Once you sculpt and enhance your features so that they are proportional to one another, effortless natural beauty can be achieved. Every technique, product, and kit strives to achieve this in Anastasia Soare's high quality, innovative line. This is the balancing act of beauty. The ability to bring every feature into harmony is paramount in achieving the most natural, pleasing aesthetic possible.